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What we call today Salsa music is a mixture of Afro-Caribbean rhythms like Son Montuno , Mambo , Bomba and Plena . The movement originated, this new music began in New York - in El Barrio and the South Bronx , the " Devil's Cauldron " - when a group of young musicians began mixing sounds and beats trying to create a new rhythm that retained the " SABOR " who had other Afro-Caribbean rhythms .


Salsa debuts at Saint- George of Brooklyn, where the Brothers Lebron, Puerto Rican , excited the public hotel. The Chetah , Club of 52nd Street and Broadway in Manhattan, replaces the Saint- George as a meeting of the New York salsa .

Salsa is diversity of rhythms


Some of these musicians were Ray Barretto , Bobby Valentin , Hector Lavoe, Willie Colon, Richie Ray , Bobby Cruz, Ismael Miranda, Adalberto Santiago and many others, including greats like Cortijo and Ismael Rivera.


The August 21, 1971 is presented in Chetah the Fania All Stars, created by Dominican flautist Johnny Pacheco and Jerry Massuci Jewish lawyer , the official birth of Salsa, meeting immortalized in the movie " Our Latin Thing ."


Johny Pacheco promoted the word " salsa" when the Fania began traveling through Europe : " As the word - like ' flavor ' or ' sugar ' , for example , has always been tied to this music ' salsa' , did not seem call it bad . "


The label " Fania " and popularized this rate ranged from 1975 worldwide , while the sauce became a great latino business that caused frustration in many artists.


The music created during this time is considered as classic Salsa or Salsa Gold


chapter 2


The over-commercialization in the late 70s made ​​the sauce in a formula that just imitating itself, and people are not interested in music that did not offer anything new . 80 also occurs by invasion of merengue and disco , touching bottom in 82-83 .


At this point enters a new generation of musicians that give veterans Salsa blow stronger , and few can survive : the arrival of talents as Frankie Ruiz , Eddie Santiago , Luis Enrique , is beginning to change the landscape Latin music with or has been called erotic Salsa, which for many was a betrayal of the character of the Salsa , macho, street , fort itself . However, this erotic or sensuous Salsa had the merit of rescuing the lost attention and help to improve the situation.


88 As early as this sound is also saturating the market, because all companies recorded this music and even veterans like Oscar D' Leon had to 'sell' to this trend.


Meanwhile meringue and liked getting hit more and in countries like Puerto Rico was the rhythm that filled nightclubs.


chapter 3


Luckily it's getting to that brave music is the true Salsa . The public is demanding a Salsa with vitality, with grip, this brave Salsa Salsa is true , see the singer indulging really, to hear a good one , hear lyrics that speak of life, everything from salsa gave first.


So , many people who made his fortune with the erotic Salsa has disappeared, while you can find an excellent singer Gilberto Santa Rosa , which is making romantic lyrics , aggressive music but with well made arrangements with upbeat music that stimulates the you're hearing and you will dance.


What begins to happen from 88 mainly due to management RMM Ralph Mercado Puerto Rican company , which is based on this year. The success starts throwing youths as Tito Nieves, Tony Vega and Jose Alberto ' El Canario ' .


In this vanguard Cuban bands have also played an important role , as in the case of Van Van , NG La Banda and Adalberto Alvarez y Su Son .


The country that has occurred in recent years the expansion of the more force is Salsa Colombia , with Joe Arroyo, Niche Guaiacum group or orchestra.


At the same time , in a place barely touched by the Salsa , as is Miami, a Cuban musician based in that city since childhood , Willie Chirino , has opened a space in this story with a diverse work, from the sound to the merengue , full and rock.


Salsa is danced in different styles. It deppends where you come from or where you have learned it.

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